College sucks ass >:(

I swear some professors be dragging this shit out. I honestly would prefer to have online classes but this fucker would rather have in-person classes and for what? So I can see his ugly ass face. hell to the no sir. Anyway I guess I have to go back to campus next week, maybe I… Continue reading College sucks ass >:(

Living with Bell’s Palsy :)

Hello, how are your doing today”? I hope you’re doing well during these unprecedented Times. Today I would like to speak to you about Bell’s Palsy otherwise known as left side facial palsy. This condition has weakened the muscles on the left side of my face while also taking away my peripheral vision, making me… Continue reading Living with Bell’s Palsy 🙂

Netflix Documentary recommendation: The Devil Next Door

The Devil Next Door is about a Ukrainian man named John Demjanjuk who lives in Cleveland who was noticed by the FBI as being Ivan the Terrible. Ivan the Terrible was one the soldiers stationed in Sobibor and Treblinka who participated in the murder of 850,000 Jews. The documentary is a battle between the prosecutors… Continue reading Netflix Documentary recommendation: The Devil Next Door

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